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In every chapter, The Graduate Code lays out incredible career codes, case studies and practical exercises to carefully guide you from learning to earning. If you are a student, graduate or young professional wanting to be successful in your career, this book is for you!In every professional is a student wanting to learn and in every student is a professional waiting to earn. The Graduate Code connects the separate realms together.

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Paperback: 264 pages
Publisher: Independent Publishing Network (5 Mar. 2019)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1789720559
ISBN-13: 978-1789720556
Product Dimensions: 14 x 1.7 x 21.6 cm

The ultimate intention of studying at a University is to get a job, start your company and live a valued life afterwards but if there is little focus on how to do that while you are in the university, don’t you think we have a problem? Notice that when I use the word University in this book, I use it loosely and with caution to mean higher institutions which could be polytechnics, colleges of education, technical institutions, main stream universities. Due to the nature of the graduatecode, I hope to speak directly to students in these higher institutions, young graduates who have just completed their studies and young professionals who have been working in a job, doing their own business or even in further education within ten years after graduation.

I have been asked a lot lately what my career journey has been like so I thought I share this. I am blessed and I know it well and so gratitude to God comes easy.

I had 204 in the Joint Admissions Matriculations Board (JAMB) examinations which is the official entrance examinations to get into any first degree course in Nigeria, but my score was way to low so I couldn’t get into medicine so settled for Zoology as a course. I got a scholarship for my Masters degree in the UK and afterwards with minimal funding, I registered for a PhD. I worked as a cleaner, pot-washer and Carer in a care home while studying. Then I won five international awards including best international student in the UK, wrote and published two books, co-founded an NGO that convened the largest conference of Nigerian students in the UK, founded my consultancy outfit, undertook programs from Cambridge, MIT, Stanford and Lancaster and obtained a doctorate degree, all by my 27th birthday.

Now I consult for global universities, I advise numerous governments, international firms and agencies and my consultancy reaches over 30 African countries.

What I have not told you are the failures and heartaches, the mistakes and miss-steps, the ups and downs, secrets and insights, the choices and opportunity costs. The truth is if I knew then the things I know now, my career path would have been different and a lot smoother. Well, that is the premise for writing this book so you don’t have to go through the same pit falls while taking advantage of the booming opportunities.

‘A code is a set of rules about how people should behave or about how something must be done’

’Education is generally believed to be an instrument of poverty reduction and graduation should be the foundation to career promotion’

’When increase in graduate education antagonizes economic growth, it becomes a disturbing phenomenon’

’In Africa, this seems to be the case as the essence of being a Graduate seems to have been lost’. This old graduate code must be broken for a new one to emerge.

’This is a book that attempts to restore the Graduate Code’. You would notice as you read on that the book is filled with lots of activities designed to get you to engage and be responsible for creating your career direction. For this to work, you would need to have an open mind and respond to each activity sincerely and hopefully this helps in getting you to think a bit more carefully about your graduate career.

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22 reviews for The Graduate Code

  1. Akanimoo (verified owner)

    Scintillating, each paragraph packed with real life experiences that answer the questions every 21st century graduate is asking. Dr Akan is a storytelling maverick with a timely message
    – Dr Anita Benson, Founder Embrace Melanin and YALI Fellow NIGERIA

  2. Akanimoo (verified owner)

    Real life experiences exposed for all. I recommend that every student and graduate has a copy in an attempt to create a better path for their future
    – Victor Moinina, PhD Student, Pan African University Institute of Governance, Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Yaoundé, CAMEROUN

  3. Akanimoo (verified owner)

    The Graduate Code made me realize the volume of resources I have within and around me, and how to utilize them to become the woman of my dreams. Reading it is a privilege for all students, fresh graduates and professionals
    – Akunna Oyedum, Communication Specialist Novartis Africa NIGERIA

  4. Akanimoo (verified owner)

    I could not drop this book. It forced a compelling mind shift in me. Every student and professional who engages with this tool is set for a marked change in life. Well done Dr Odon
    – Bolanle Enang, MD Capacity Growth Consult SOUTH AFRICA

  5. Akanimoo (verified owner)

    An exciting eye-opener on how to harness the opportunities available for both the unemployed and employed student. It has transformed my mind
    – Caroline Atuzarirwe, Lecturer, Business School Makarere University UGANDA

  6. Akanimoo (verified owner)

    As a former Vice Chancellor, Chairman of Inter University Council for East Africa, and currently a Chair of African Scientific Research and Innovation Council., this is an eye opener and and a must-read book for all scholars, Professors, students, professionals and the general public to better understand the intrigues and opportunities of attaining and utilising degree
    – Prof Ratemo W. Michieka KENYA

  7. Akanimoo (verified owner)

    This book contains so many simple codes to instantly transform a professional life. The government should have it as an instrument to fight against unemployment, every young person should read it before getting their degrees and for professionals, it’s a must have
    – Caludia Togbe, PhD Student in Public Law, African Union and ECOWAS Political Governance and Elections Consultant & Founder Origine Terre Cotonou, BENIN REPUBLIC

  8. Akanimoo (verified owner)

    Reading graduate code gave me a sense of conscious direction. It is a book every student and graduate needs. As a postgraduate student it will help you take giant strides, bringing you closer to your destination with effective resources. Professionally, it serves as an awakening to resources and opportunities around you
    – Afolakemi Ogunnubi, Postgraduate Researcher, Leeds University Business School, UNITED KINGDOM

  9. Akanimoo (verified owner)

    Great empowering book for everyone, to develop the right mindset and to create the strategy in self-developing to become the future leader and entrepreneur. Through self-awareness, critical thinking plus knowledge-based evidence are equal power for your own success and determination
    – Latifa Anda, International Business Development EMEA and CO-founder Mentor-Lelo, NORWAY

  10. Akanimoo (verified owner)

    Finally, my degrees, interests and hobbies can now share a table after I was introduced to The Graduate Code
    – Adepeju Prince, School Tutor NIGERIA

  11. Akanimoo (verified owner)

    A captivating book that demystifies success for undergraduates, graduates and young professionals!! Dr Odon shares a wealth of resources and amazing life experiences that are sure to cause a paradigm shift towards success! A must read!
    – Prof Rose-Margaret Ekeng-Itua, Professor of Engineering, Ohlone College, California USA

  12. Akanimoo (verified owner)

    The Graduate Code is a diagnosis of lived experiences, expectations and conflict between perceptions and reality. It’s the architecture of a graduate’s life and path to success
    – Herbert Tato Nyirenda – Academic Researcher/Lecturer, Copperbelt University ZAMBIA

  13. Akanimoo (verified owner)

    I appreciated the Graduate Code for its fascinating explanation about the baffling subject of entrepreneurship. This is a breathe of fresh air for all young people and graduates teaching that trying new things can be scary but fulfilling
    – Cisante-Charles Dzimwasha – Business Reporter at Zimpapers and Journalist at the Zimbabwe Mail, ZIMBABWE

  14. Akanimoo (verified owner)

    In my eyes, the Graduate Code has the unique ability to answer the most important and recurrent questions raised by Millennials on job opportunities and what is helpful and needful in career pathways for generations to come
    – Lionel L.G. Issombo, Student BA Politics and International Relations, Lancaster University GHANA

  15. Akanimoo (verified owner)

    Timely, relevant, thought-provoking …Dr Odon’s keen insight could not be more useful to the burgeoning youth population of Africa. Relatable, as he shares his own experience which is universal across our continent. A must read if you want to be part of the new wave of the African Renaissance
    – Natasha Omokhodion Banda, Entrepreneur, MD 99Cents Communications ZAMBIA

  16. Akanimoo (verified owner)

    Dr Akan’s compelling account is experiential, thought provoking and crisp. A pertinent compass for students at the cusp of their professions and professionals embedded in their careers. The Graduate Code is a mentorship companion I wish I had as a student and hope every student can have
    – Lily Mburu, Lawyer, Scholar and Governance Consultant, KENYA

  17. Akanimoo (verified owner)

    I have seen Dr Odon at work many times and it is a joy to behold. Whether inspiring students about their careers or corralling a room full of Vice Chancellors and Chief Executives into challenging their preconceptions, his boundless energy, keen insights and deep love for Africa are infectious. This is exactly what he captures in the Graduate Code, a book for all
    – Ibrahim El-Mayer, Regional Manager, Middle-East and Africa, University of London, UNITED KINGDOM

  18. Akanimoo (verified owner)

    A Guidebook, a compendium, the ultimate code, a must read. Well now, ‘the constitution’ that every graduate should read, reflect on and adopt, for a successful career. Dr. Odon, Africa and indeed the world will be forever indebted!!!
    – Mohammed Ruwange, Oil and Gas Faculty Lead, School of Law, Strathmore University KENYA

  19. Akanimoo (verified owner)

    What a fascinating read. The Graduate Code provides an abundance of practical amid multilateral examples on how to strategically plan beyond a degree and study for a career ahead. A must-have book for all university students
    – KRISZTINA MORRIS, Founder Plan B Consulting, PR Practitioner, CSR Lecturer, University of the Sunshine Coast, AUSTRALIA

  20. Akanimoo (verified owner)

    Challenging, provocative, and engaging. The Graduate Code explodes some of the myths about career planning and provides an accessible, simple guide to how every single student can fulfill their dreams
    – Ambassador Tim Clarke – Former EU Ambassador to Ethiopia and Tanzania

  21. Akanimoo (verified owner)

    ‘insightful, delightfully crafted as a practical career handbook for all students, graduates and professionals, and anybody else who wishes to learn how to be productive in the new economy
    – ex -Chairman Africa at Schlumberger

  22. Akanimoo (verified owner)

    Akanimo Odon has done a tremendous service with this work. The Graduate Code is an influential book, essential reading for young people interested in bridging the gap between what society throws at them and what they could be. It offers a timely message to 21st century students and graduates faced with diverse challenges that threaten their academic and professional path
    – Stephanie Linus (nee Okereke), multi-award actress, director and producer

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