Dr. Akanimo Odon is an international multi-award winner, a seasoned author and writer and the founder of different successful Africa development initiatives and programmes.

Books written by Dr. Akanimo Odon
"It is books that are the key to the wide world; if you can’t do anything else, read all that you can." —Jane Hamilton

Rhymes from the Heart

This is a ‘feel good’ anthology of poetry in which all the 82 poems follow different rhyme patterns with great humour that will leave the reader smiling. Hence, the title ‘Rhymes from
By : Akanimoo | Dec 29, 2014

A Parallel Trail

In this amusing story, Tunde is a womanising advertising executive in Abuja, Nigeria and his girlfriend, Jen, has a history of chronic period pains. Jen’s neighbour, Molly, discovers an old family spell
By : Akanimoo | Feb 2, 2014

The Graduate Code

The ultimate intention of studying at a University is to get a job, start your company and live a valued life afterwards but if there is little focus on how to do that while you are in the university, don’t you think we have a problem?
By : Akanimoo | Jan 15, 2014