His goal and ultimate professional mission is to help overseas bodies, firms and individuals get a good entry, settlement and capture of the African market and for African bodies and organisations to grow and establish themselves in the international market.

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The Pilot’s Cockpit is where he or she is in control. It’s the location where he/she displays innate and developed knowledge and skills of management, communication, manoeuvre and technical precision amongst other things.

He/She flies supreme conscious that his/her every action has an impact on other people’s lives and their desired destination. It is a responsibility not entered into likely or carelessly but with clarity, objectivity and the fear of God.

Have you discovered your Pilot’s Cockpit!!!

In the words of William Ernest Henley:
It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the Captain (and Pilot) of my soul.

Recirculate GCRF

I wake up and she is twelve already. How did she grow so fast? It’s my daughter’s birthday today. I hear many parents say that a lot about their grown up kids and it never makes sense till today.

Driving her to her first day at High School this week felt amazing and emotional and I could feel and see the excitement and subtle anxiety in her face.

I turned to her and smiled and she knows ‘dad’s got her back’ but more than that God has an amazing plan for her and it’s my responsibility to guide her into her design pathway and let her fly uninhibited.

Happy birthday Kaela baby 😊. It’s party time!!!

BEFORE COVID, individuals, universities, research organisations and even corporates in Africa struggled, now it is even worse.

How much do you understand resource mobilisation, internationalisation, professional resilience, and diversification of income and revenues?

2 weeks ago, I delivered a 2-hour webinar to 70 school owners about how to increase their revenue base and gave them 15 simple action points to enhance their resources. After just one week, I have had over 30 incredible testimonials. It shouldn't be so difficult if you know what to do.

See the picture of me riding a bicycle last week but guess what? I am only focused on my movements and not that of the bicycle. However, my actions are a lot easier to achieving physical fitness because I am tapping into the already well structured system of the bicycle. Many struggle when they can tap into free and established databases, systems and opportunities.

For example, on my laptop, I have a list over 200 international organisations who give funding in my field. I know when, why, to whom and where they give funding. I track them and why not? Why should I be looking for money when I don’t know who gives money???

This has been the focus of the many short webinars I have delivered lately to different institutions.

If you wish to book a short webinar for your organisation, hit me up. It can be better!!!