His goal and ultimate professional mission is to help overseas bodies, firms and individuals get a good entry, settlement and capture of the African market and for African bodies and organisations to grow and establish themselves in the international market.

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BLACK WEALTH (FINAL PART) BY DR AKANIMO ODON 👉👉Gathered together by exodus or birth into a family within foreign gates
But still can mark out their origin back to many diverse African states
Exposed to a mixed array of culture sometimes drowning them like the sea
Subjected to strenuous pressures of fitting in, looking like and wanting to be
Losing sight of individuality, personality and subsequent functionality
Gradually fading out of recognition into an awkward realm of inequality 👉👉How long shall our number stand as a barrier in the way of our progress?
How long shall the society in strife and naivety negate our success?
How long shall our true identity be swathed and relegated to the background?
How long shall we struggle to breathe in a life of perpetually being bound?
Bound from voicing out concerns that affect our livelihood and pride
Bound from spreading out our tentacles and taking steps in a confident stride 👉👉Arise!! Oh sleeping generation of Black nationals, for it is time to shine
Take advantage of your momentous times, your future yours to design
Cast abroad the seeds of fortitude, of hard work, your determination renew
Watered by the streams of perseverance, dignity always, ever true and true
For in the break on dawn, with the ray of the sun, fruiting blossoms will begin
And then shall your hopes be made alive, the beauty of your colour be seen 👉👉Look ahead and visualise a time when you like eagles would fly shoulders high
Take a quick perceptive view for then your goals and limits will be the sky
In that day where brotherhood shall mean much more than a million quid
In the day where love and togetherness to all and sundry shall be a creed
For you shall stand for what you believe in and not be drawn down the drain
And then shall power be unleashed on the youth who will as leaders reign 👉👉May this time allocated for the celebration of black wealth clearly strike a cord
May it commemorate great black achievers and innovators with grand applaud
A time to venerate potentials as the ‘black lives matter’ campaign grows along
To take advantage of the moment and through true leadership become strong

DISRUPTION NUGGETS WITH DR AKANIMO ODON - BLACK WEALTH (PART ONE) 👉👉Listen to the uproar that pervades like fumes through the midst
See the chaos that abounds when there should be a joyful feast
Elevated voices of men and women in protest and arguments
Finger pointing and blame apportioning a famed instrument
They call each other by nick names in their built-up wrath
They demand and decry, in all evidence to re-gain their worth 👉👉Their worth, matchless, cannot be bought by any human price
Their pride, dauntless, cannot be quenched though their small size
Their colour, stand out, an epitome of beauty in all its essence
Their glory, ooze out, an archetype of magnanimous confidence
Their passion, intense, to cause an impact in this generation
Their history, immense, they’ve conquered through determination 👉👉Why should this lot lose their identity in their own land?
Why should they be tossed on and about when they can take a stand?
Why should they allow their environment subdue their potential?
Why should their melanin limit the splendour of their credential?
Why should they lose sight of the benefits of working together?
Why should they take hold of a little when it could be better? 👉👉Look back and relish the greatness of a golden ancestral stock
Ponder in appreciation at the foundation where morals is a bedrock
In the days where their fathers as slaves were shattered and segregated
In the land where their mothers within caves were gravely isolated
In the times where colour was a crucial element in giving judgement
In the era where race was considered in assessment and agreement 👉👉Yet still from the paws of the prowling tiger emerges a resistant specie
From the midst of unfertile grounds sprout up a robust family tree
Breaking forth into life through the hard earth crust like a seedling
Springing out with colourful buds of hope though regarded a weakling
These has become a force to reckon with, a people true to embrace
Though a minority in essence, unbeatable the uniqueness of black wealth

The last couple of weeks have been incredibly hectic but also globally significant with lots of big agenda at the fore.
The incredible match for justice and change in America and the decry of social injustice in Nigeria. There is need for change on every side.
In the same vein I have been having incredible discussions with different UK and African universities management about their role in framing the future of young people especially in an era where there is so much confusion.
Come listen as I speak with alongside an incredible education and career expert, @debs_light , about the future of international education and how people can re-position themselves in the midst of global changes.
Friday 7pm UK on Instagram Live. Don't miss it.