His goal and ultimate professional mission is to help overseas bodies, firms and individuals get a good entry, settlement and capture of the African market and for African bodies and organisations to grow and establish themselves in the international market.

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It's an absolute pleasure to be the narrator and involved in the production of this short film about the environmental and health challenges in Africa and the transformation that strategic partnerships can bring.

Produced by the Centre for Global Eco-Innovation and showcasing different African project partners, this film highlights the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the opportunities for a sustainable future in Africa.

Watch here - https://youtu.be/b1dpiIE48NM

Join me tomorrow, 19th November at 1.30pm UK Time as host an International Health and Sanitation Webinar sponsored by the Participate with Recirculate Programme of Lancaster University. All attendees will receive a certificate of participation.

Join webinar here using this zoom link - https://zoom.us/j/95523854139?pwd=dXR6R2dJVEJEZ2VrZ3J6T2FIMG56QT09

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