His goal and ultimate professional mission is to help overseas bodies, firms and individuals get a good entry, settlement and capture of the African market and for African bodies and organisations to grow and establish themselves in the international market.

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My flight's engine crashed.....

So I am regarded as 'The Pilot' because I have an expertise in facilitating very interactive workshops and conferences all over the world. Someone called me 'the basket-mouth of intellectual events' 🤣

Think about it like this - the workshop is the flight; the objective is the destination; the program is the flight plan; the participants are the passengers; the tea break is the meal time; the challenges (power outage, late chairman etc) are the turbulence and I am the Pilot.

In the UK, I fly my workshop with cruise control but today while piloting an international online workshop sat in my room at Protea Hotel in Benin, the internet crashed.

It is Protea Hotel for crying out loud but then the hustle is real. Not even two laptops and my phone could get me back in.

When you tell people to aspire and perspire in order to acquire their desire, remember that environment is a factor for growth. Don’t deny it but navigate it to your advantage .

I got back in eventually and landed the flight. 😊

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He has two Bachelors degrees and drives an Uber.

I flagged down his car and got into his ride yesterday and he looked sharply dressed almost like a banker would.

'You look sharp boss' I said and he smiled and then told me he has two bachelors degrees in Economics and Psychology and a National Certificate in Mathematics.

But he drives an Uber. Meet Godwin Omakwu Collins. We chatted for a bit and exchanged details. It's a classic case of under-employment doing a job below what your skills allow.

But then in the midst of the challenges I found him incredibly positive and happy. So I couldn't help asking him how much he earned in a month from driving Uber and he said 'up to ‘200,000 Naira but he has to pay the car owner half of it'.

It is not convenient or comfortable because he had great dreams when he went to university but he is not sat complaining. Instead, he is doing something tangible and that got me.

Kudos to all those trying their best despite the challenges that abound... I am rooting for you and may God bless your hustle 😊😊

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This is a fist bump for impact....

So the person stood with me is a visionary. He is Dr Sanni Dahiru, the Founder and Chief Executive of the Kaduna Business School which is the most reputable private business school in Northern Nigeria.

But why the first bump? Well we couldn't shake our hands in a COVID era.. but it is more than that.

He just launched a Special Kadstep Hammattan Valley Program to train 5000 underprivileged youth in Kaduna State Nigeria in seven online ICT courses including:

1. Level 2 Certificate in IT User Skills
2. Level 2 Certificate in Principles for Digital Skills in Employment
3. CPD Certificate in Personal, Business and Career Development Skills
4. Comptia Network Plus and Security Programme
5. Practice LAB Digital Sandbox Program
6. Practice Lab Software Programming (Java and Python)
7. Oracle Database Management

The fist bump is an expression of our partnership and steps are now being carried out to launch this.

The program will be delivered in partnership with @theskillsnetwork . If any of these programs interest your or your organisation, please reach out to me.

Let’s go!!

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I thought they should all know but I was wrong..

So I am hosting over 200 final year students from universities in ten African countries on a special funded one month fellowship I designed on circular economy and bioenergy.

On the first day I asked them all - how many of you know what happens to the wastes generated and collected on your campus? Or at the least how many of you have heard the term 'circular economy'? Less than 20 of them knew. Well it is one of the reasons the program was designed.

By the end of the first week, they found out what happens to the wastes in their campus and were already fluent and clear on which of the UN SDGs they wanted their careers to focus on after graduation.

This is not 'theory for cramming' but 'learning by doing'. I am getting them to do stuff.

So that the next time they see a pile of wastes on the street, their first thought is 'see money'.

That's how you build a culture change and transformational mindset for the younger generation.

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