In this amusing story, Tunde is a womanising advertising executive in Abuja, Nigeria and his girlfriend, Jen, has a history of chronic period pains. Jen’s neighbour, Molly, discovers an old family spell book called the ‘Mutanda Secret Diary’ and jokingly casts a spell from this book that reverses Jen’s pains on her partner. When Jen’s pains subside and Tunde is diagnosed as suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, one wonders if the spell is true. In a chain-reaction, Tunde’s pains cease when he decides to be faithful and his best friend, Paul, shows similar symptoms when he has a shocking affair with his boss’ wife. It soon becomes clear that there are many ‘undisclosed aspects’ of the spell or maybe ‘Karma’ is playing tricks on all. In this fast-paced comedic guessing game, as the story follows a trail to confirm the authenticity of the spell, all is not what it seems. Exploring issues around family ties, love and romance, friendship and relationship and ultimately fidelity, there is one final test that would prove if the ‘Mutanda Secret Diary’ is a hoax or not. This will change the lives of all concerned forever.