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Dr. Akanimo Odon is an international business and strategy development expert who has gained experience working in several capacities to several global and international bodies. With a specialisation in education and training, energy and environment, oil and gas, media, charities and government, he has an in- depth understanding of global issues but with special reference to Africa.

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Hurrah! It is happening again……super congratulations are in order…..

Couple of years ago I designed the International Careers Coaching Program (ICCP) based on the principles of my book the #Graduate #Code.

I didn't even know if it made sense but it was COVID lockdown so we started anyway with less than 20 participants - being #fruitful….

Now in its fifth cohort, ICCP can now boast of over 100 accredited mentors and coaches from over 15 African countries who are now supporting others - #multiplying

As at today, over 5,000 young Africans have had their lives and careers transformed and it’s just the beginning - having #dominion…

No one can ever predict how many fruits a seed will produce but you will never know until you plant it.

Be fruitful and multiply and have dominion........

#congratulations to the new class of over 250 participants who started yesterday.......enjoy the next one month of life transforming coaching.

If you are a member of this class…please comment on this post on your experience so far and your expectations for ICCP….

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Hurray!! we launched the Student Research Fellowship Programme at last.....….

In 2001, I did a BSc dissertation research about the effect of crude oil on earthworms but I really didn't see many earthworms. I made a first class but wrote a dissertation that had no use on humanity……..

All over Africa, too many final year students keep doing researches just to write a dissertation but it’s all a waste……

Few months ago, working with colleagues, I designed a student research model in which they do a research on a society challenge that has been requested for by an actual company.

Working with the Circular Lagos led by my colleague Dr. Natalie Beinisch and supported by Prof Kirk T. Semple of Lancaster University and Lagos State Government we launched the Student Research Fellowship program.

Nine students from four Nigerian Universities have started the pilot program and will be addressing three challenges facing three companies which are International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) Ibadan, FC4S Lagos and Circular Economy Innovation Partnership

Thanks to Spencer Nwangwu of Igbinedion University, Akhere Akran of UniLag, @Ebun Ejirinde-Emelogu, fihsd of Nigerian University of Technology and Management for their support as Lead Faculties on this pilot student research fellowship program.

My career mission is to transform the employability and lives of young Africans sustainably……

Looking forward to an amazing 4 months of the Fellowship program.

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'In every Professional is a student wanting to learn and in every student is a professional waiting to earn.
The Graduate Code connects both realms together'……Dr. Akanimo Odon