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Dr. Akanimo Odon is an international business and strategy development expert who has gained experience working in several capacities to several global and international bodies. With a specialisation in education and training, energy and environment, oil and gas, media, charities and government, he has an in- depth understanding of global issues but with special reference to Africa.

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When trying to connect with #influential people, also connect to give and not always to ask.........

Everyone else asks so how are you noticed in the crowd?

By your #value, you shall stand out...

I had a powerful meeting with the CEO of Zenith Bank Plc in Ghana, the impressive Akin A. Ogunranti and we spoke about exciting collaboration and plans for the #youth of Ghana and #africa in 2022. Talk of a man with clarity of purpose and actions to back it…….respect boss..

#transformation loading......

Tell yourself.....this year 'I shall influence the influential….

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Have you seen a vision??

Vision 2030....,Vision 2050......Agenda 2063!!!!!

Are all these propaganda to anchor the public's mind on intangibility and falsehood?

What of 'Vision tomorrow morning'?

I am a big picture guy because Strategy is what should drive the change Africa needs. The trouble is that while you think of what you will like to achieve in the next 20 years, some people are thinking about tomorrow and are desperate... how do you balance the two?

We met the Minister of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation (MESTI) for Ghana yesterday. He is a medical doctor and scientist who actually understands what he is talking about. He is impressive.

Discussing partnerships to start impacting lives immediately was the main focus even though Ghana has the vision to become the Environmental Sustainability Hub for Africa.

I hope that after his tenure, the next minister doesnt see another vision for something else especially when it is really easy to see Visions. Delivering them is another matter entirely!!!

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There are some witches and wizards in African universities stopping our progress…

We promote multi-disciplinary research in Africa but when the systems frustrates researchers, then what is the point?

In Ghana I met a top associate professor of marine science and fisheries (a natural scientist) who has published over 70 research papers. Over 60% of these research work were undertaken in partnership with social scientists who look at the impact and influence of marine science on humans and communities.

This is what multi-disciplinary research is all about. It is what Africa needs!!!

When it came to promoting him to a full professor, his university said that all his research papers undertaken with social scientists are not valid and he can only submit natural science papers. He was not promoted. Did you know most African Universities have this problem!!!!

He said and I quote ‘how then should I partner with others when it slows my growth?’

Under which rocks do folks who make these archaic rules live?

How can solution-driven research for local communities be achieved if natural scientists cannot be encouraged to work with social scientist?

There are no witches and wizards in the village, they are in universities. Let’s pray against these with strategic advocacy….YES I SAID IT........

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'In every Professional is a student wanting to learn and in every student is a professional waiting to earn.
The Graduate Code connects both realms together'……Dr. Akanimo Odon