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Dr. Akanimo Odon is an international business and strategy development expert who has gained experience working in several capacities to several global and international bodies. With a specialisation in education and training, energy and environment, oil and gas, media, charities and government, he has an in- depth understanding of global issues but with special reference to Africa.

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I got a phone call from a #Nigerian friend and there was excitement in his voice.

What happened? I asked. 'I just got admission to study in the UK in January 2022' he said. But most importantly, there is a two years post study work visa after graduation, he added.

I asked him if he knows what he needs to do when he resumes and his response was ‘not really but I have two years post study visa to figure it out’ 🙈🙈🙈

I am sure you know someone or someone who knows someone wanting to study in the UK now.

So #tuition fees is 12,000 pounds; accommodation and sustenance is 8,000 pounds; by the time you add international flights, books, shoes (I like my shoes - yours can be something else 🤣) you are hitting over 25,000 pounds for a year. This is actually for the low tuition cost UK #Universities.

Going by the Aboki (black market) rates today @760 Naira to £1, that is over 18 million Naira😳😳 - thats not small investment o!!

Funny thing is you will close your eyes and open it and 11 months will fly by when the rigorous UK independent-oriented study, with numerous essays and reports, the #british weather and the mad cold, slam into you.

If you studied in the UK please confirm this.

So if you have to go through all of these, then you should have a clear career strategy in place while you are studying so you can actually enhance your life and work during the two years post study #visa and afterwards.

Don't make the mistakes I made.

I know exactly what you should do and I will be sharing these next week Wednesday as a guest speaker to address University of Exeter UK international students.

It is going to be powerful. 😊

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Think less about your ‘nomenclature’ and focus on your 'content-clature' 😊

Don't let your physical location limit your career progression and global position.

Have you ever heard of the Polytechnic - Federal School of Surveying (FSS) Oyo State Nigeria?

I have worked in higher education in Nigeria for over 15 years and I have never heard of them.

But I suspect you have heard of the department of surveying in a Nigerian University!!

Doesn't it just annoy you when a polytechnic is looked down on and university graduates are seen as the best thing to have happened since sliced bread?

So this week I had the privilege of delivering a session on winning international funding to academics of this amazing Polytechnic FSS and soon I sensed that their location might be limiting their progression.

Upon investigation I discovered that FSS Nigeria was founded in 1908 and even though it is a Polytechnic, it has more equipment, practical expertise, exposure and impact in surveying than any department of surveying in any Nigerian university? Yes I said it 😀

So forget your ‘nomenclature’ and focus on your 'content-clature' and this weekend refuse your physical location to be a limit to your global position. You are worth it 😊

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'In every Professional is a student wanting to learn and in every student is a professional waiting to earn.
The Graduate Code connects both realms together'……Dr. Akanimo Odon